Universal Diplomacy

The Aerican Empire and the Sovrano Militare Ordine Romane Adrianeo have only recently managed to get in contact with each other. Language barriers, technical failures, or lost pigeon couriers have through time caused many envoy messages to disappear into oblivion.

But at last! Contact has been achieved! And the nations cheerfully established their first diplomatic relations. In celebration, the joint-issue Universal Diplomacy has been created by the Aerican Empire Post together with Poste Magistrale Adrianee. The best representation for diplomacy, mutual respect and friendship.


1 souvenir sheet 2.5$ available
1 souvenir sheet on cover with day-cancellation (DL) 3$ available
1 strip (3 stamps) 1$ available

All prices are in USD and do not include the shipping and handling fees.





Technical Details

Date of issue: July 1, 2016

Number of values: 1

Stamps per Sheet: 21

Face values: 22.01 solari

Designer: Victor MacMold – Assistant to the Regional Postmaster / Philatéliste Extraordinnaire du Plutopia

Manufacturer: yourstamps.eu

Run printing: 10 perforated sheets, 30 perforated souvenir-sheets