Space Explodation Programme

Exploration has always been a hobby of mankind. Explodation is its natural evolution. The Aerican Empire sent the best out there, their own Space Explodation Ogre led by no other than Captain Smileyface himself.  The dynamic duo has ever since set foot on previously unexplored new worlds and flagged them in the name of the Empire.

To celebrate these achievements and in gratitude to their work, the Aerican Empire Post has issued 4 stamps depicting the heroes in their day-to-day activites in outer space.


1 sheet (8 stamps) 7$ available
1 sheet (8 stamps) imperforated 12$ available
1 set (4 stamps) on cover with day-cancellation (DL) 6$ available

All prices are in USD and do not include the shipping and handling fees.







Technical Details

Date of issue: December 01, 2015

Number of values: 4

Stamps per Sheet: 8

Face values: 5.04 solari, 5.25 solari, 12.17 solari, 21.01 solari

Designer: Victor MacMold – Assistant to the Regional Postmaster / Philatéliste Extraordinnaire du Plutopia


First run printing: 20 perforated sheets, 5 imperforated sheets

Second run printing: 20 perforated sheets