“Life is like a mailbox full of postcards. You never know what you’re gonna get”.

With over 600.000 members and 40 million postcards (numbers from 2017)  exchanged through the website since it’s launch in 2005, has become the most known website that promotes and facilitates real postcard exchange between people all over the world. Enriching one’s culture, the element of surprise, meeting and making friends worldwide are just a few of the benefits of joining the community that was built around the website.

In appreciation for promoting snail-mail, communication and friendship, Aerican Empire Post has issued the Postcrossing-themed stamp, the design being built around the postcards that have been received at the Post’s Headquarters throughout time.


1 sheet (4 stamps) 4$ available
1 sheet (4 stamps) imperforated 6$ available
1 cover with day-cancellation (DL) 6$ available

All prices are in USD and do not include the shipping and handling fees.





Technical Details

Date of issue: May 17, 2017

Number of values: 4

Stamps per Sheet: 4

Face values: 1 Mu, 2 Mu, 3 Mu, 4 Mu

Designer: Victor MacMold – Assistant to the Regional Postmaster / Philatéliste Extraordinnaire du Plutopia


Run printing: 40 perforated sheets, 6 imperforated sheets