If you would like to place an order with the Aerican Empire Post, please fill in the form below with the desired items, quantities, personal information and comments. You will be contacted shortly by our Assistant to the Regional Postmaster who will work with you to ensure your items are delivered in the best and fastest (inter)planetary way possible.

Shipping and Handling

Your order will be sent by Registered Mail and you will be given a Tracking Number once the package has departed our facilities.

There is a fixed price of 8$/order(*) which covers the costs of processing and delivery.

Unregistered Priority Shipping is also available at a fixed price of 4$/order(*) but comes with no refund or resend in case our Unimaginably Fast Object gets lost on the way to you(!). Photo proof of your package will be provided upon request. To avoid fraudulent requests, The Aerican Empire Post has the right to refuse sending unregistered mail in case of high value orders or for first-time customers.

(*)not fixed for special orders (oversize,heavy,etc…)

(!)Unregistered mail is your own wish and risk. In case it gets lost by post, it will not be resent or refunded


Payment is done via PayPal to one of our super-duper secret accounts. During the confirmation of your order you will be provided with all the details needed to complete the transaction.