Empire Flag

The Aerican flag is among the most distinctive and recognizable in the world. With its bright red bars over a white background and a smiling face in the center, the Aerican flag conveys the Empire’s vastness while retaining its sense of humour.

The stamp sheet was issued to celebrate the Flag’s service as an ambassador of the Empire to infinity and beyond. It consists of 14 stamps and has printed on it’s borders the colonies which form the Empire.

Update: a reprint was ordered to celebrate Microvia becoming part of the Empire and thus appearing on the borders of the sheet, together with the rest of the colonies.


1 sheet (14 stamps) 3$ sold out
1 sheet (14 stamps) reprint 3$ sold out
1 sheet (14 stamps) reprint imperforated 6$ available
1 cover with day-cancellation (C6) 1$ sold out

All prices are in USD and do not include the shipping and handling fees.


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Technical Details

Date of issue: April 09, 2015 (reprint: December 01,2015)

Number of values: 1

Stamps per Sheet: 14

Face values: 4.09 solari

Designer: Victor MacMold – Assistant to the Regional Postmaster / Philatéliste Extraordinnaire du Plutopia

Manufacturer: yourstamps.eu

Run printing: 26 perforated sheets

Second run printing: 10 perf. sheets , 4 imperf. sheets
Third run printing: 10 perf. sheets